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Communication and collaboration: the keys to connected working

Connected working is what happens when office and field operate in tandem. The key to developing true connected working is developing excellent communication and collaboration processes — with technology the element that ties everything together.

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Gaining a complete overview of the harvest

Have you ever thought about real-time yield mapping? So that you would already know during grain harvest whether and how your fertiliser and crop protection strategy has proved successful.

Industry Insight
High-quality fodder for cows & Co.

Rising prices for bought-in fodder components such as grain clearly highlight the importance of high-quality, farm-grown basal feed.

Case Study
The smart slurry injector: reducing soil compaction...

How do you fertilize a piece of land more efficiently? Dutch family business Cerfontaine, which specializes in arable farming, is trying out a new approach.

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New Vertical Construction Technology

Case Study
Improving a major road without closing it

It’s one of the UK’s biggest road improvement projects. In a remarkable joint venture, four companies are upgrading the A14. A major road which starts in the east of England and runs on into the Midlands, an area recently dubbed ‘engine of growth’ by the UK government.

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Topcon Workplace | MAGNET Field

Learn more about MAGNET Field at

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Ready for steady take-off? Runway Resurfacing at...

Case Study
Laser scanning the centuries in ancient Rome

Alongside one of Rome’s most ancient roads, you can find a building that bursts with history: the Torre Salaria, a tower on the Via Salaria.