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We are here for you – Our response plan to COVID-19

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Improving a major road without closing it

It’s one of the UK’s biggest road improvement projects. In a remarkable joint venture, four companies are upgrading the A14. A major road which starts in the east of England and runs on into the Midlands, an area recently dubbed ‘engine of growth’ by the UK government.

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Topcon Workplace | MAGNET Field

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Ready for steady take-off? Runway Resurfacing at...

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Laser scanning the centuries in ancient Rome

Alongside one of Rome’s most ancient roads, you can find a building that bursts with history: the Torre Salaria, a tower on the Via Salaria.

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Lofty Solution

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Street Smarts

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Tech on Tour

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Capturing The Past

Historic Livermore winery building lives on in a 3D point cloud