MAGNET Field: Status (Scatter Plots)

About the Status menu

The Status menu Displays information about the current position of the GNSS receiver, RTK status and satellite constellations.

Status is comprised of four tab windows

  • Position
  • System
  • Scatter Plots
  • SVs (Satellite View)


The options available in this menu are dependent upon the instrument type specified in the Survey Job Configuration within the Configure Menu

Accessing the Status Menu

To access Status from the MAGNET Field Home screen:

  • Click the Setup icon 
  • Click the Status Icon
  • Click the Status Icon

The Scatter Plots Tab

  • The Scatter Plots tab displays the current receiver position in real time: either the vertical position or the horizontal position relative to the position in a local coordinate system may be displayed.
  • The area within the scatter plot is the confidence region
  • The confidence region describes the probability that the solution will be within the specified accuracy
  • To switch between horizontal and vertical  plots click the corresponding Icon

1. Horizontal or Vertical Plot selector

  • Click to toggle between Horizontal and Vertical views

2. Properties Selector

  • Specify properties for the Horizointal or Verticle plot

Horizontal Scatter Plot

  • In this dialog you can Zoom in or Zoom out for a visulazation of the scatter plot in realtime
  • Use the properties selector button to: 
    • Show or hide the local coordinate axes (Show Grid check box)
    • Enable zoom to automatically scale the horizontal scatter plot to fit into the dialog (Auto Zoom check box).

Vertical Scatter Plot

  • In this dialog you can use the Properties selector to specify a duration in seconds for the time axis (Time Window field).


MAGNET option button

  • Select the M or MAGNET Option button on the upper left corner of the display to access additional options
  • Click Antenna Setup to view or modify the current selection in the instrument configuration
  • Click Reset RTK command to reinitialize the receiver
  • Click Tracking Options to view or modify the GNSS satellite constellations and signals being tracked and used for position computation
  • Click Help to access the embedded help menu within Magnet Field. When selected the help manual will open showing information about the screen being viewed
  • To return to the setup menu click the orange arrow or back button on the upper right of the display
  • To return to the MAGNET main menu from the Setup menu click the home button on the upper right of the display