Windows Mobile Device Center: Alternative file transfer software

This article describes alternatives to Windows Mobile Device Center.

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Windows Mobile Device Center: Alternative file transfer software

Alternative to Windows Mobile Device Center and ActiveSync

An alternative file transfer software for Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) and ActiveSync is now available. 

The Mobile Connect utility software is for use with controllers running the Windows Mobile Operating System. This software allows a basic cable connection from a controller to a PC for file transfer.

Additional options

Microsoft officially ended support for Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC, formerly ActiveSync) in Windows Vista. For newer operating system versions, if possible, it is highly recommended to use an alternative. Some alternatives are as follows.

USB flash drive

Connecting a USB flash drive to the USB host port on the rugged handheld computer (handheld) allows you to use File Explorer or some other tool for moving files and installing software applications (apps). Some flash drives may not be compatible as listed in this historical article: USB flash drive compatibility.

Wi-Fi Remote Access utility

Many newer software apps for the handheld have been written to be able to use a direct internet or network connection on the handheld. Such a connection may be established on the handheld using Wi-Fi, cellular modem, or through an Ethernet dock. A general utility for handhelds to do this is available at the bottom of the following web page: Wi-Fi Remote Access utility.

MicroSDHC card

An inserted MicroSDHC card in the handheld may be directly accessed from a desktop computer through the USB client port on the handheld by enabling it on the handheld under Start > Settings > Connections > USB to PC icon > "SD Card - Use as external drive (Mass Storage)".

File Explorer in Windows Mobile provides a Bluetooth file transfer (OBEX/OPP) function. When you tap and hold on a file, you can then tap on the Send option in the menu that appears. The Bluetooth on a receiving computer must be set to be visible and able to receive files. Or you could install a tool such as MBarvian Bluetooth Explorer for Bluetooth FTP transfer.