Topnet Live: How to request raw GNSS files from the RINEX store

This quick guide shows the steps for requesting and downloading GNSS files from the RINEX store on Topnet Live. 

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Topnet Live: How to request raw GNSS files from the RINEX store

How do I purchase a RINEX subscription?

There are 4 types of 12-month RINEX subscriptions:

  • 1-second RINEX data
  • 5-second RINEX data
  • 15-second RINEX data
  • 30-second RINEX data

To purchase a RINEX subscription, contact Jonathan Ball for pricing and subscription types.

Phone: (925) 337-6956


Requesting RINEX files

Log into Topnet Live.

Click on Services > RINEX Store.

Verifying that data is available

To see if stations have data available, click on the Availability tab. Please note that you can only download files from stations that show available during the desired times. 

Under Filter, input the names of TopNET stations in your area.

Click Get availability to see whether those stations were online during the desired time.

Click on the date to view availability.

After verifying that there is available data, click the Request files tab, and scroll down to view the map.

In the upper right corner of the map, click the Labels button to view station names.

Under that, click on Selection mode so it turns into Movement mode.

Check that there are online stations (blue) near your project area.

In the Search bar, input the station name.

Check the box that is to the left of the station name.

Click in the From (local) field, and select the desired start time. You can type a specific date as well.

Click in the To (local) field to select the end time.

Requesting RINEX files for a specific date/time

In the Name field, input the four-character name of the station.

Use the drop-down menu to select the interval type. If you have a 1-second subscription, you have the option to select 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, 15s, or 30s datasets.

Use the drop-down menu to select the RINEX version.

Click Create request to submit a request.

Once the request has been submitted, you will see a small green pop-up message.

After some time, you will receive a link to download the RINEX files for use.

Downloading RINEX files

After a few moments, you will receive an email from Topnet Live ( with a link to download the file.

Once files are downloaded, the user is free to use them for post processing GNSS data.

Users can request RINEX files for up to 30 days. For post processing, it is advised to request RINEX files as soon as possible for best availability.