SmoothRide Control: System Calibration - Profiler

Profiler Control Options

  • Unlike paving applications, entering the Cutting Head Control Menu when milling is not necessary. There are no values that need to be entered here.

Profiler Sensor Calibration

  • Begin by selecting the Green Status Bar from the main screen with a fixed position.
  • The following steps need to be done for both the left and right sides if thickness is selected for both in the Mode screen.

Profiler Sensor Calibration (Cable)

  • While in manual operating mode (Auto Switch in the off position)
  • Confirm drum teeth are barely scratching the surface.
  • Select the Survey button.
  • The Thickness and Calibrated thickness values will match.
  • Select the Set button to lock in value. 
  • Plunge cut to depth.
  • Switch to Automatic Control.

Profiler Sensor Calibration (Sonic)

  • Confirm the Sonic Tracker is in the proper position.
  • Paint a mark on the ground at the Tracker position and Survey the sensor at that location.
  • The Survey value will appear in both the Thickness, and the Calibrated Thickness fields.
  • While in manual operating mode (Auto Switch in the off position) plunge cut to depth.
  • With a folding rule, measure the cut depth to surface where the sonic sensor was surveyed.
  • Enter the actual cut depth value in the Calibrated thickness field and select SET to lock in the value.
  • Switch to automatic control.