MAGNET Project: Splitting tool

Splitting tool is useful for projects that are too long or wide. This article explains how to split tasks by station or by percentage.

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MAGNET Project: Splitting tool

Too long or wide tasks can be split into smaller parts. Splitting by stations is useful when multiple resource types need to work in different locations at the same time and if there is a need to shorten the time required to complete the work. Also, if a predecessor has been defined which delays only a part of the task’s station span, splitting the task by stations may be useful for making the other part of the task start earlier.

Split by station or by percentage

There are two ways of splitting: by station and by percentage. 

Splitting is done using the Split tool in the Project tab toolbar. It will split the selected tasks into two parts at the given station or by defining a percentage value.

Split will create another quantity within the Bills of quantities list that can be renamed as needed in the Properties window. 

It is recommended to review the splitted quantities' values and the suitabilities for optimized haul calculations. Change if needed.

Recalculate the mass haul plan based on the changes. To view the hauls, right-click the quantity/quantities, and select View hauls.

The Home tab also provides another split tool to vertically split a project in Mass Haul View. Select Split, choose the splittable quantities by station, and click OK

Rename and review property values and suitabilities of splitted quantities. Recalculate the mass haul plan based on the changes.