SmoothRide Control: Troubleshooting - SmoothRide for Milling and Paving

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Troubleshooting: No Position Data

No Position Data

  • Ensure the sensors are connected and calibrated to the surface information.
  • Verify the sensors’ values are within their working range.
  • Confirm the sensor is functioning properly.


Troubleshooting: Sensor Not Connected

Sensor Not Connected

  • Error occurs when no sensor is present.
  • Confirm that all sensors are connected and receiving power.
  • Verify that the 3D junction box is connected properly.
  • Confirm that the sensor light on the MC-R3 is illuminated.

GPS receiver not connected

GPS receiver not connected

  • Check connection to the MC-R3.
  • Confirm connection and IP setting within 3D-MC and Windows.
  • Inspect the connector attached to the control box for damage.

Poor Machine Performance

Poor Machine Performance

  • Check machine hydraulic calibration.
  • Confirm proper sensor position, Machine builder settings and measurements.
  • Inspect Surface data for errors.
  • Confirm 3D-MC and components are functioning properly.