MAGNET Tools: Create a Volume report

MAGNET Office Tools allows you to manage reports. You may create a new report, edit, execute, or delete an existing one.

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MAGNET Tools: Create a Volume report

Report Configuration

The Report group from the Report tab of the MAGNET Tools ribbon allows you to open the Report Configuration dialog and execute any type's report from the list.

To create a new Report click: Report Configuration


Creating new report

  1. Click New report to create a new report.

    The new report is displayed in the Reports list.

  2. Type the name of the new report and press Enter.
  3. From the Report item templates list, select the required report item:
    • DTMCompare
  4. Click >>.

    The item is added to the Included report items list.

  5. If needed, in the Included report items list, select the newly added report item and click Options to configure it.

    The Options dialog for a report item is displayed.

  6. Configure the report item as you need and click OK.
  7. In the Report format group box, select the required output format for the report.
  8. Click Close to close the Report Configuration dialog

Execute Report

To execute a report:

  1. In the Report group of the Report tab, expand the list of second level icons for Execute report icon, by clicking its down arrow.
  2. Click the icon for the required report.