MAGNET Tools: Add a surface

Add surfaces to your MAGNET Tools job easily and quickly.

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MAGNET Tools: Add a surface

Map View

Before creating a new surface, open the Map View, set either the grid or ground coordinates using the Status bar and select (on the Map View or the Points tab of the Tabular view) the desired points which will enter into the surface.

Create the Surface

  1. At the Status bar, select either Grid or Ground coordinate system.
  2. In the Map View, or at the tab of the Tabular View, select the points to be used in a new surface.
  3. In the Add group of the Add tab, click the Surface icon.

    The Add Surface dialog is displayed.

  4. In the Name editbox, type the name of the new surface.
  5. Review the rest of parameters, if needed, change them. For the detailed description of surface parameters, refer to the appropriate sections:
  6. Click OK.

    The surface is created.

Surfaces tab

The Surfaces tab is shown only if the job contains a digital terrain model.