MAGNET Project: General

What is MAGNET Project?

MAGNET Project is a tool for mass optimization, scheduled mass haul planning, visual project planning, and production follow-up. The software is developed for the heavy civil construction industry for area projects and linear construction.

  •  User-friendly software that makes complex tasks simple
  • Helps to easily calculate haul distances, adjust the schedule, and update quantities or production rates
  • Mass haul plan allows the user to calculate the shortest possible mass haul distances. Make efficient use of all available materials with mass deficits and surpluses easily eliminated.
  • Includes four graphical views over your earthworks project:
    • Mass Haul view
    • Map view
    • Gantt view
    • Time-Location view

    MAGNET Project version 6

    MAGNET Project version 6 is an improved version of the Project application. The aim is to make planning easier and more flexible, which will support wider usage of the application as it is now suitable for scheduling non-earthwork tasks as well. 

    MAGNET Project creates a mass haul diagram of the project's cut and fill volumes by location, quantity, and quantity type. The diagram is based on quantities derived from the design.

    This data can be used as a starting point for:

    • Mass optimization and mass haul planning
    • Mass balance analysis
    • Planning and identifying the need for crushing plants, disposal areas, borrow puts, and stockpiles
    • Production logistics planning
    • Pricing, bidding, and risk analysis