MAGNET Field: Customizing the Map Toolbar

A quick guide on how to customize Map toolbar in MAGNET Field

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MAGNET Field: Customizing the Map Toolbar

Customize the Map Toolbar

Click on the Map icon from the Home menu


The Map View Toolbar is the vertical bar on the right side of the display

The Drawing and Snap Toolbar is the horizontal toolbar at the top of the display and cannot be edited



Click on the Map properties icon

Note: If you do not see the toolbar click the triangle on the side of the display to open the toolbar

In the General Tab Click the Customize Toolbar button


Note: When the Current Position in Main Map check box is selected the program automatically snaps back to the center if it moves off the edge of the map.

Some customization options are dependent on the type of instrument configuration being used


Customizing the list in either Optical or GNSS Mode is done with the same procedure but include tools related to that instrument type 

Note: A maximum of 9 toolbar items can be displayed at one time. 


GNSS Selection list


The Right facing arrow adds items to the display list


The Left facing arrow removes items from the display list


The Up and Down facing arrows move the selected item up or down in the Map View Toolbar

Click the green checkmark in the upper left of the display to save changes and return to the Map screen

Your custom tools are now ready for use.