MAGNET Modeler for Autodesk: Batch generate

This article explains how to use the batch tool to generate multiple models.

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MAGNET Modeler for Autodesk: Batch generate

You can use the batch tool to generate multiple models.

To generate, MAGNET Modeler for Autodesk uses a previously loaded *.INI file.

If you want to use a different *.INI file, it should be named the same as its corresponding *.DWG file (for example, tutorial.dwg and tutorial.ini).

  1. Open the batch tool by going to File > Batch Generate.
  2. Select the folder that contains the *.DWG files.

The Batch Process DWG’s dialog box lists all *.DWG files (from the selected folder). By default, the program selects *.DWG files that either have no corresponding *.VM files, or the *.VM file is older than the *.DWG file.

Select *.DWG file(s), and click OK.

Modeler generates new *.VM files and shows the Model Generation Log with model statistics.