MAGNET Field: Live Video connection with DS-200i

On the Software Side:

  • Create a new instrument configuration in MAGNET Field on the controller
  • Choose model: DS-i (Live Video)
  • Set the TS connection to WiFi
  • Choose: Use controller hosted Wi-Fi network.
  • Go to Connect and select the correct instrument profile
  • Click Connect
  • MAGNET Field will ask permission to start the controller hosted network
  • Click Yes
  • The network name and password are shown

On the Instrument side:

  • Power up the DS-200i
  • Click the PRG button
  • Open External Link
  • Click on the button with the bars and the red cross on the right
  • Select the network called "MAGNET"
  • Click Connect. If it is the first time connecting type in the password (123456)
  • The DS-200i should show blue bars on the right side if it's connected

On the Software Side:

  • In MAGNET Field select the instrument
  • Click Select