MAGNET Field: Backsight Set Up using 2 known points with Total Station

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MAGNET Field: Occupy Backsight Setup


  • Set Instrument over the control point
  • Measure the instrument height
  • Launch MAGNET field
  • Connect to instrument
  • Set the Prism Rover over the other control point.
  • In MAGNET field go to SET UP > Backsight


  • Type:
    • Point name for Occupy point (Total Station
    • HI Height of Instrument (Total Station)
  • Type:
    • Point name for reference point (Prism)
    • HR Height of Prism Rover measured to the center of the prism
  • Press Next

Review and Measure

  • Press Set to measure and to orient your instrument


  • Now you are referenced to your project control points.