X-53x Automatic Excavator: Adjusting limits

This guide will walk you through how to adjust the limits from the control app for the X-53x Automatic Excavator system. 

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X-53x Automatic Excavator: Adjusting limits

Assume that limits are configured incorrectly

When operating the Automatic Excavator, you may notice erratic performance if the limits are not set correctly. Symptoms of incorrectly set limits are the boom jumping up a few feet when automatics are engaged. If limits are not set correctly, the machine will not know how to react in certain orientations of the boom, stick, and bucket.

Adjusting limits in the control app

To confirm if the limits are at fault for hydraulic performance, connect the calibration app to the MC-X1 on the excavator.

Select the Limits menu at the top of the screen.

Focus on the Current Boom section of the screen.

If limits were set correctly, then the Current Boom and Config values should be matching.

If values are not matching when the machine is orientated as the app shows, then click Capture to reconfigure the limits of that component.

When the Current Boom and Config menus match, click Next at the bottom right to move onto the next section.

Follow the same procedure for all components requested.

If the Current Stick and Config values match, then click Next, and continue to follow the procedure for the next three limit configurations:

  • Stick Joint - Furthest Limit
  • Bucket Joint - Closest Limit
  • Bucket Joint - Furthest Limit 

After confirming that all of the limits have been configured properly, return to the main menu of the calibration app.

From there, select Manual Re-Calculation to send the updated information back to the MC-X1.

The limits should now be reconfigured to the MC-X1. Confirm hydraulic performance now in 3D-MC v15.

If hydraulic performance does not improve, continue with normal hydraulic troubleshooting procedures.