[WEBINAR] ProSeries: Post Processing Sirius Pro UAS Data using Topcon ContextCapture Advanced

In this session, you will learn the specific software workflows of managing datasets that were collected using a Topcon Sirius Pro UAS. We will first illustrate how to export the collected UAS data from MAVinci Desktop software. Next, we will start to post-process using Topcon ContextCapture Advanced software where we will quickly perform Aerotriangulation (AT) processing, create a new Reconstruction and 3D Mesh tiling, create a 3D Point Cloud, as well as generate an Orthophoto / digital surface model of the project. 

As a final step, we will then inspect the processed 3D mesh using the Acute3D Viewer software and deliver a final export to Topcon ContextCapture Advanced environment.

Total duration: 33:05