TSshield: Define a Timefence

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TSshield: Define a Timefence

Manage the instruments by working hours

When the instrument detects that it has been used on other dates than the preset dates, an alarm icon is displayed on the list to give you notice. You can also lock the instrument automatically or send an alert email.

Define a new Timefence

Go to Security > TIMEFENCE.


Create a schedule

  1. Input a Timefence name.
  2. Select the timezone.
  3. Define when the Timefence is active:
    • Use a start and end date.
    • Define without an expiration date.
  4. Set up a weekly schedule:
    • If you click the day of the week to set up the schedule, the day will be highlighted in blue.
    • Click from-to, and enter the period of time to set up a period of time to monitor.
  5. Click NEW SCHEDULE to add a schedule on the day of the week that is unoccupied.
    • The configured day will be highlighted in gray and cannot be selected.


  1. Choose when to trigger the alarm according to the Timefence:
    • inside/outside
    • inside
    • outside
  2. Checking Auto lock means that the instrument will be automatically locked when the instrument deviates from the trigger.
  3. Check Receive e-mail notifications to send warning e-mails to the address that you entered in advance. 

Select instruments

Select which instruments to apply the Timefence. You can extract from the search window on top of the window.

  • Check the Select all / Remove all box to select all and deselect all.


Click SAVE to save the contents of the setting and go back to the Timefence list.