TSshield: Define a Geofence

How to define and adjust settings for a Geofence

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TSshield: Define a Geofence

Main page

When accessing the TSshield portal, the web browser will take you to the main page. You can access Geofence settings by going to Security > GEOFENCE from the side menu. 

Define a new Geofence

From the new window:

  1. Click ADD GEOFENCE.
  2. Either browse Google maps, or enhance your search by typing an address or POI.

Define the area

TSshield Geofences can be defined by two different area types:

  1. Polygons
  2. Buffer


In the Geofence settings, you must define:

  1. Geofence name
  2. The alarm trigger:
    • enter into/exit from
    • enter into
    • exit from
  3. Enable/disable the instrument Auto lock (when alarm is triggered)
  4. Enable/disable alarm email notifications and define recipient

Once all those fields are filled, scroll down.

Select instruments

The final step on the Geofence setup is a selection of instruments to which the Geofence should be applied. From your TS list, select the ones you desire to apply the Geofence. 

Click SAVE to apply. 

Display alerts

In the Geofence window, it's possible to:

  1. Display the status of each instrument
  2. Activate/deactivate a Geofence
  3. Edit the Geofence
  4. Copy the Geofence (polygons and settings)
  5. Delete the Geofence