TSshield: Checking an instrument's location

How to use the map and list views to see instruments on the map

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TSshield: Checking an instrument's location

Map view

Go to instrument(s) > MAP from the menu on the left or click the Map tab at the top to display the map. The locations of the instruments in the list will be displayed with icons on the map.

Display detailed information

If there is more than one instrument at the same location, the number of instruments will be displayed with a blue icon.

In that case, click the icon to enlarge the location. If you click the icon of instruments, you can select instruments individually.

Select location from list

In the list view, which can be accessed either by the left menu bar or the top ribbon, click on the location for a specific instrument, and TSshield will open the map centered on the instrument's position.

Select from side panel

  1. Click the side panel display button [<] on the right side of the map to display the side panel.
  2. You can select the instruments without going back to the dashboard since the side panel shows the same instruments as on the list.