TRU: How to configure a LongLink RTK rover

How to configure a LongLink RTK rover using TRU

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TRU: How to configure a LongLink RTK rover

Rover Configuration:

  • Open TRU and connect to Rover in Receiver Managing Mode.
  • Connect to receiver.
  • Click on Receiver Settings.
  • Click on Ports.
  • Click the Input mode drop down for LongLink Client A
  • Click on RTK RTCM 3.x
  • Click Tracking & Positioning.


  • Click the Positioning tab.
  • Click RTK fixed
  • Click Extrapolation.
  • Click OK.


  • Click Bluetooth.
  • Click the ellipsis button.
  • Select the Base Receiver.

Check to see if you are Communicating with the Base receiver

  • Click Status.
  • The Base and Rover are communicating.
  • Disconnect from TRU.