Topcon ContextCapture: Orthophoto/DSM Generation

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  • After completing 3D Mesh Reconstruction for a given photo block, Orthophoto/DSM generation can be performed.
  • Select the General tab for a given Reconstruction.
  • Select Submit new production from the bottom right of the screen.
  • Enter a name for the production and select Next.
  • For the purpose of production, select the Orthophoto/DSM radio button.
  • Select Next.
  • On the Format/Options screen, configure the following as necessary:
    • Select the maximum image part dimension – this will effect the number of Orthophotos and DSM’s that are generated by Context Capture.
    • Check the Orthophoto checkbox (default)
    • Color Source – Reference 3D model texture (requires the 3D Mesh to be completed before generating)
    • Choose the Orthophoto format.
    • Check the DSM checkbox (default).
    • Choose the DSM format.
    • All other settings can be left at their defaults.
  • Once finished, select Next.
  • On the Spatial reference system screen, select the spatial reference system for the Orthophoto/DSM generation from the pull down menu.
  • Once finished, select Next.
  • On the Extent screen, set the bounding rectangle dimensions as necessary for Orthophoto/DSM generation.
    • The default dimensions will be the extents of the Region of Interest configured on the Spatial Framework tab of the Reconstruction.
  • If desired, import a custom region of interest for Orthophoto/DSM generation from a Google Earth *.kml file by selecting Import from KML.
  • Once finished, select Next.
  • On the Destination screen, select Browse and navigate to the directory on the PC to save the orthophotos and DSM’s generated.
  • Once finished, select Submit to begin Orthophoto/DSM generation.