RD-MC paving: Saving Sonic Tracker calibration for paving the next day

With RD-MC paving, there is a way to save the Sonic Tracker calibration for next-day paving.

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RD-MC paving: Saving Sonic Tracker calibration for paving the next day

During paving, note the ratio between the actual thickness the screed is producing and the value of the cylinders. This is normally around 1.5 times, but it will be different for each machine.

Knowing this ratio makes it easier to start paving the next day.

At the end of the working day, park the paver on a flat surface.

Place the screed on the ground as if you’re paving 0 thickness.

Also move the thickness indicator at the tow arm cylinder to 0.

When possible, check the machine console that thickness is set to 0mm.

Note, or take a picture, of the thickness indication of the Sonic Trackers.

This is the number between parentheses:

  • For example, (+0.005) and (+0.022)

On the next day, park the machine in the same position (or better, leave it parked overnight).

Enter the sonic values from the previous day in the Cal. Thickness field for both left and right Sonic Trackers.

You can now start paving with the same sensor calibration as the previous day.

Make sure to keep checking thickness when paving.

When starting paving, place the screed on the paving that was done on the previous day, or on wood blocks representing the average thickness of the project.

Adjust the cylinder value to represent the thickness, using the ratio determined on the previous day.