Pocket 3D: Stake-Out - Point List

Step 1

  • Select the Survey tab

Step 2

  • Select the Stake-Out option

Step 3

  • Select the Point List option

Step 4

  • Use the arrow button to select the layer in which the stakeout points are located

Step 5

  • Highlight the point you want to Stake-Out
  • Select OK

Step 6

  • The guidance to the selected point will now be dispalyed in the lower-left corner

Change Stake-Out Point--Step 7

  • Use the red arrows to advance or decrease to the desired point

Stop Stake-Out Point Step 8

  • Select the Survey tab

Step 9

  • Select the Stop Stake-Out option

Step 10

  • You will now be returned to your Map view with no Point Stake-Out direction