Pavelink: Planning - Creating a new shift

This article explains how to create a new shift in Pavelink.

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Pavelink: Planning - Creating a new shift

General information

If you have created a new project, go directly to the planning details screen.

If you want to add a new shift to an existing project, go to the shift planner tab, and click on + add new planning. Click on the required project.

  1. Enter a shift reference.
  2. Enter the from and to dates.
  3. Enter/select a project location.
  1. Zoom in/out.
  2. Edit the project location.

Click save shift.


To add ordered products, click on the product tab.

  • Click order new product.
  1. Select the desired asphalt plant from the origin drop-down menu.
  2. Search by product code or name in the product code field.
  3. Enter a quantity in the amount field.

Click save shift.

Select a set/crew

Click on the sets tab.

  • Click the select a set button to choose your desired set/crew.
  • Click save shift.