Pavelink: Planning - Creating a new project

In order to be able to work with Pavelink, a schedule must be present in the system.

The planning for a specific project indicates, between a specified time, how many tons of asphalt will be processed.

To be able to make a plan, a project must be present in Pavelink. Using this step-by-step plan, you can easily create projects.


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Pavelink: Planning - Creating a new project

Add a new shift

In the top menu, click shift planner.

Click add new shift.

Click new project.

Fill in the requested data:

  • Enter a unique project code: This would be a unique characteristic of a project, similar to a number in the planning tool. This is used for connection with the asphalt plant, and is a one-time entry.
  • Enter a reference: This would be a description/text so that the project is clearly recognizable.
  • Enter an optional description.

Click save.