Pavelink: Logistics - Using the Pavelink GPS app

Pavelink GPS has been specially developed for truck drivers. It is a very simple app with which freight can be tracked.

At the push of a button, the location of the truck is visible, and both the plant and the crew can better plan their work.

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Pavelink: Logistics - Using the Pavelink GPS app

Download and install the app

Search for the app:

Both apps are exactly the same.

Install the app on your device.


Fill in your

  • Name
  • Mobile number (including country code)
  • License plate

Click the register button.

Start of work day

Turn on the app at the beginning of your work day before weighing anything.

Click start.

Your ETA for the paver at the asphalt plant can now be calculated.

Waiting times can be determined by the geozone () around the paver and the asphalt plant.

End of work day

Turn off the app at the end of the shift.

Click on stop. Do not log off.

Change truck

If you're driving another truck, you have to change the license plate in the app.

  • Click the vehicle icon.
  • Click the pencil (edit) icon to change the license plate. (You can also change the country code.)

If you change trucks frequently, turn on ask license plate. Every time when you start up the app, you'll be asked to verify the license plate.

Change user

If the app is installed on a device attached to the truck, you will need to change users.

  • Click the info icon.
  • Update the current user.
  • When necessary, click log off.

Follow the registration steps. Make sure you remember the license plate because you will have to re-enter it.