Pavelink: Jobsite - Thermal Mapper: First time setup

This article explains how to set up the Pavelink Thermal Mapper app.

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Pavelink: Jobsite - Thermal Mapper: First time setup


When using the Thermal Mapper app for the first time, you will be guided through a few steps.


Enter the unique login credentials to link the device to Pavelink. These have been provided by your dealer.

This will enable the device and connect it to your company’s environment in Pavelink.


Select the preferred units and lot size used for statistics and the exclude edges option, if desired.

The default lot size is 150 ft (50 m).

The temperature reading near the edge of the asphalt can be unstable. Toggling ON enable exclude edges makes the statistics more representable. 

These settings can be changed later in Preferences.


Press the menu icon  at the bottom left, and select camera configuration:

  1. Enter the mounting height of the camera, relative to the surface.
  2. Enter the distance from the preferred scanning location and the camera.
  3. Select the tile resolution: 10, 20, 30, or 40 cm.
  4. Adjust yaw, pitch, and roll values so the screed (colder area at the bottom of the image) is symmetric.

When mounted properly, yaw, pitch, and roll should not have to be adjusted.

All settings will be stored in the Pavelink cloud and automatically downloaded each time the system is used.