Pavelink: Jobsite - Pavelink Display: The basics

Pavelink Display is the tool for the jobsite. Trips are unloaded on the tablet. The GPS creates a GEO-zone, which helps to determine if a truck is on the jobsite. This article explains the basics.

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Pavelink: Jobsite - Pavelink Display: The basics

Select a shift

Select the desired shift.

The visibility of the shifts in Pavelink Display is based on the GPS position of the tablet. If a project location is entered in Pavelink, you will immediately see the shifts that apply to you.  

Is the desired shift not in the overview? Click on view all active shifts

Check and open the desired shift

Control the information. Make sure this is the correct shift, and open it by clicking the OPEN button.

Scan QR code

With the right permissions in Pavelink, you can print QR codes of the pavers. 

Go to Management > Asphalt spreading machine, and in the Options column, click on the QR code icon.

The assumption is that the QR code is attached to the paver.

After you have selected the right shift, you scan the QR code, and the shift and paver are connected.

Unload trips

There are two options to unload a trip: 

  • Option 1: GPS available
    • The ETA of the truck's location is shown on the screen.
    • Click UNLOAD.
  • Option 2: No GPS available
    • It is not known where the truck is.
    • Make details visible by clicking on the arrow (1).
    • Click START UNLOAD (2).

Repeat these steps until the last trip.

Last trip


Adjust the tons consumed.


Reject trip

Click on the trip to be rejected.


Select the reason for rejection: 

  • Incorrect product
  • Temperature too low
  • Oversupplied
  • Unknown reason


Close screen and confirm

To go back to the planning overview (home page), click on the X.

Click YES to close the screen.