New Global SIM Activation Procedure

How to activate Global SIM in Topcon products via the myTopcon portal. 

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New Global SIM Activation Procedure

Topcon has simplified the modem activation process for units using the Topcon Global SIM card. They can now be activated from

Register Your Product

  • The first step is to log into myTopcon and register the SL-100, MC-i3, MC-i4 or MC-R3 to your organization's account.
  • Your account will need to have at least 25 Service Points to activate a modem.
  • Go to > Register A Product or go to > My Apps > Product Registration.
  • Enter the serial number of the unit and press Continue.
  • Verify the correct unit is recognized.
  • Enter the purchase date of the unit.
  • Press Complete Registration.

Cellular Activation

  • Select the CELLULAR ACTIVATION button after product registration has completed or go to your registered products list.
  • Click the CELLULAR ACTIVATION button that appears under the registered unit.
  • Topcon has recorded the IMEI and ICCID for most current products. However, you may be required to enter the ICCID and/or IMEI numbers for legacy products and some current products.
  • This is an example for a current product that does not require the ICCID or IMEI numbers to be entered.
  • Press ACTIVATE CELLULAR MODEM to complete the process
  • An older MC-i3 will ask you for the ICCID number, which is the number on the Topcon Global SIM card.
  • Activating the modem requires 25 service points. Confirm this by pressing ACCEPT.
  • You must accept the SIM Activation License Terms.
  • Press Accept.
  • You will see a success message.

Checking Modem Status

  • The CELLULAR ACTIVATION button has now been replaced with CHECK CELLULAR STATUS.
  • Here you can see the activation status of the modem.

Additional Information

  • For the cellular activation of an SL-R3 unit you will be prompted only for the ICCID number.
  • For the cellular activation of an SL-R4 unit you may or may not be prompted for the ICCID and IMEI if the unit is before the serial number break based on the serial number of the product.
  • The IMEI number activates the CDMA modem.
  • SL-R3 units are not CDMA-capable, which is why you do not need an IMEI number.