NET-G5: Network Configuration


TopNET requires all receivers to be connected through the Internet from the host location to the servers. The configuration of the receiver is relatively simple.  However, there are several prerequisite requirements that must be addressed prior to connecting an Net-G5 to the host's Internet service.  The receiver will need the IP, Subnet Mask and Gateway IP address that match the hosts local subnet.  Additionally, there are several firewall rules that must be in place to allow the data to pass through the host router to the internet.

The common setup for any receiver is to have a static local IP that resides in the host's subnet. Simple quick guides are available to demonstrate how these are obtained as well as configuring the firewall rules at the local installation site.

The Net-G5 is a very user-friendly device to configure, provided the installer has all the necessary parts and pieces. These are as follows:

  • Net-G5 receiver
  • Serial A cable
  • USB to Serial Adapter
  • Laptop PC
  • Topcon Receiver Utility (TRU)


  • The first step is to connect the Net-G5 to the PC/Laptop.  This can be done through the Serial A/B port, with the appropriate cable.
  • Next, launch TRU.


  • Once TRU is launched, verify the app is in Receiver Managing mode.  This is relatively straight forward my selecting the Device menu and hovering the mouse over the Application Mode option. 
  • Receiver Managing should be selected.


  • From the Device menu, select Connect


  • The Connection Parameters dialog box offers several choices or options to connect by..
  • Click inside the pull down menu and choose Serial Port. The correct Serial Port should be displayed in the Port Name box. 
  • If not, click the triple-dot box and select the correct serial port being used.


  • The settings for the Network configuration are located in the Receiver Settings portion of TRU.
  • Single click Receiver Settings to advance to the next screen.


  • There are many options in the Receiver Settings window of TRU.  To configure the Net-G5 for a network connection, select the Network icon.


The Network icon opens the dialog box to configure the Net-G5 with the appropriate network configuration. It is important to note that these configuration items must match the local area network where the Net-G5 will reside.  If not, the receivcer cannot be reached from anywhere inside the network. If possible, have an IT professional onsite to assist with assigning an IP address within the LAN subnet.

There are 3 key peices of information needed.

  • Static IP
    • This will be the unique address to the receiver
  • Subnet Mask
    • Defines the range of IP addresses allowed within the subnet
  • Gateway
    • Routers unique IP address responsible for the routing of all devices in the LAN subnet


  • After setting up the Network Configuration on the Net-G5, it is best the verify the TCP settings. 
  • From the same Network window, select the TCP tab.  There are only 2 fields that need to be verified, Timeoutand Password.  The Timeout field needs to be set to something greater than zero and the Password can be set to whatever is desired.
  • Once these steps are completed, click OK in the upper right corner. 
  • TRU will prompt for a reset.
  • Accept and allow the Net-G5 to reset