MC-X1: Configuring Wi-Fi

This guide will explain how to set up Wi-Fi on the MC-X1.

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MC-X1: Configuring Wi-Fi

The MC-X1 has the ability to broadcast Wi-Fi so that it may be connected to and configured via a Wi-Fi connection. This is required for the geometry and hydraulic calibration applications for the automatic excavator.

Wi-Fi setup

Ensure the MC-X1 is connected to the GX-55 or GX-75.

Launch MCXConfig.

Go to Network > Accesspoint.

  • Check the box for Access Point Enabled.
  • SSID is the default Wi-Fi name. It may be edited if desired.
  • Channel: Use Channel [1] 2412 MHz.
  • Country Code: Select the correct country you are in. If incorrect, this may cause communication errors.
  • Security Type: Use default WPA/WPA2 - Personal.
  • Password: Enter an 8 to 63 character password.

Click Save. Wi-Fi should now be broadcasting.

If the Wi-Fi password is forgotten, simply go back into MCXConfig and type in a new one. It will always show a blank field. The current password is not queried. 

Connect your PC or FC-5000 to this Wi-Fi connection before starting either calibration application.

IMPORTANT: Verify 3D-MC is closed on the control box before connecting your PC or FC-5000 to the Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi connection problems

If a Wi-Fi connection cannot be established from your PC or FC-5000, try the following steps:

  • Verify the country code.
  • Change the Wi-Fi channel.
  • Try a new password.
  • Change the SSID.