MAGNET Project: Opening a DynaRoad (*.dr5) file

The DynaRoad project file format (*.dr5) is supported in MAGNET Project. 

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MAGNET Project: Opening a DynaRoad (*.dr5) file

Opening a DynaRoad (*.dr5) file in MAGNET Project

MAGNET Project v6 introduces a new MAGNET Project file format: *.mjp 

DynaRoad project files (in *.dr5 format) are supported in MAGNET Project.

  • Navigate to File > Open.
  • Select a DynaRoad file (*.dr5) from the file location and click Open.
  • MAGNET Project will first convert the data from *.dr5 into the new MAGNET Project format (*.mjp).
  • After the conversion, all data is visible in all views.
  • If you wish to continue working with the project, it can now be saved as *.mjp for future use.

Please note:

  • DynaRoad *.dr5 files can only be opened if the project has been saved with DynaRoad v5.6.1 or MAGNET Project v5.1.
  • Files that have been saved with DynaRoad 5.6.0 are not supported.