MAGNET Project: Map layer functions [VIDEO]

This quick training video will show you how to use the Map view layer function for every object and map that have been imported into MAGNET Project.

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MAGNET Project: Map layer functions [VIDEO]

All objects and maps that are imported to MAGNET Project will show in the Graphics layer window on the right-hand side of the project. 

Object and map visibility on the project can be turned on/off using the eye button.

Layers can be locked/unlocked. Locking a layer will prevent any object misplacements during a project. If misplacements occur, click the Undo button in the top left of the MAGNET Project window or use CTRL+Z. 

Layers can be arranged using the green arrow buttons or the drag-and-drop method. 

Delete a layer using the red X, or right-click the mouse on top of the layer and delete.