MAGNET Project: How to create a new disposal area or borrow pit [VIDEO]

If haul surplus material is not suitable for planned areas, a disposal area to dispose excess material can be created within MAGNET Project.

  • Borrow pits can be created in a similar way.
  • Before creating a disposal area/borrow pit, confirm that the project has at least one location.

    Steps for creating a new disposal area/borrow pit

    1.  Create a new quantity type for disposal/borrow if that hasn't been imported already in your project. Navigate to the Suitabilities tab in the Quantity type Properties window, and define suitable quantities where material can be hauled from/to.
      • Disposal areas: Define quantities by selecting the Hauls possible from radio button, and click Add.
      • Borrow pits: Define quantities by selecting the Hauls possible to radio button, and click Add.
    2. Create a new quantity for disposal/borrow.
      • In the Cut Properties window, uncheck the Maximize usage box. This will only allow hauls of this quantity to the disposal area, if needed. In case of borrow pits, this will allow material used in fills if other cut material is unavailable.
    3. Link with quantity type and set a suitable location for the disposal area/borrow pit. The location can be defined in the Quantities tab by setting start and end stations for the area.
      • Determine capacity of the disposal area/borrow pit by entering an amount in the Quantities tab. 
    4. Recalculate haul plan.
      • Either right-click the project name and select Calculate hauls, or navigate to the Project tab and select Calculate hauls.
    5. Right-click in the Mass Haul View and select Show all hauls to view new hauls to a disposal area or from a borrow pit.