MAGNET Project: Concepts and keyboard shortcuts

Basic concepts

  • Actual quantity: Real-time quantity; also known as built quantity

  • Bill of quantities: Plan for quantities

  • Borrow pit: A quantity that can be used to get material to fills, when there is a deficit of suitable material in cuts

  • Bulking: An increase in volume of earthwork after excavation

  • Coefficient: If value is set to 1, cut equals fill

  • Crushing plant: A quantity that can be used to refine one material to another

  • Disposal area: Dumping ground for excess landfill

  • Intersection: Connects two locations. Intersections are needed to haul material across locations.

  • Milestone: Restricts the available time span for tasks. A milestone marks the end of a piece of work or phase of the project. They are often fixed dates or important dates that you need to be aware of. Set a new milestone by setting Milestone as task type.

  • Quantity: A distribution of material of some quantity type in some location

  • Quantity type: A type of some material/other amount. Also, facilities (crushing plants, stockpiles, borrow pits, disposal areas) can have dedicated quantity types. Quantity types have suitabilities that define possible hauls between quantity types.

  • Resource type: Defines the production rate for a quantity type (units/hour)

  • Shrinkage: A decrease in volume of earthwork after deposition and compaction

  • Stockpile: Can be used for temporary storing of material to be used in later landfills during a project. Stockpiles are needed if cuts and fills within internal mass haul are scheduled to occur during different periods of time. Stockpiles can either be separate quantities and tasks, or a local stockpile can be enabled on source/destination quantity.

  • Usage break: Temporary road blocks that might occur on a construction site. Usage breaks are located on road lines and prevent hauls through them. 

Keyboard shortcuts

MAGNET Project uses the following keyboard shortcuts:

New Ctrl+N
Open Ctrl+O
Print Ctrl+P
Save Ctrl+S
Select all Ctrl+A
Deselect Ctrl+D
Copy Ctrl+C
Paste Ctrl+V
Redo Ctrl+Y
Undo Ctrl+Z
Find Ctrl+F
Calculate hauls Ctrl+H
Close view Ctrl+W
Close document Ctrl+F4
Remove selected objects Delete
Help start page F1
Edit cell F2
Navigation Tools  
Zero zoom Ctrl+0
Zoom in Ctrl++
Zoom out Ctrl+-
Selection mode Esc
Pan mode Ctrl+Shift+A
Split tasks mode Ctrl+Shift+S
Zoom mode Ctrl+Shift+Z
Graphic views  
Gantt view Alt+1
Mass haul view Alt+2
Time-location view Alt+3
Map view Alt+4
Text editing  
Bold Ctrl+B
Italic Ctrl+I
Underline Ctrl+U