MAGNET Office Site Resurfacing: No Milling Workflow

Workflow performing a no milling project in MAGNET Office Site Resurfacing.

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MAGNET Office Site Resurfacing: No Milling Workflow

Project Parameters Dictate No Milling of the Existing Surface, Just Pre-Filling and Paving

This scenario describes the necessary steps for a workflow requiring the finished design product to encompass a resurfacing project where there will be no milling involved. This MAY require a certain amount of pre-fill to be performed where depths are greater than max allowed by the material being used (depth/thickness parameters are defined in the first step). 

  • Set Limits (all strings)
  • Apply Minimum Thickness (all strings, typically)
  • Smooth Profile (typically just one string)
  • Apply Fixed Cross Slopes 
    • Set Start and End Station
    • Apply (Cross Fall or Crown) to Current Range
  • Apply Transitions
    • Set Start and End Stations
    • Apply Transition to selected range (Select All Strings)
  • Apply Minimum Thickness at Highest Point
    • Reset Station Marks to select entire profile
    • Minimum Thickness at Highest Point (Select all strings)
  • Smooth Profile 
    • Select all strings
    • Slide Fill/Mill ratio to far right (100% Fill)
  • It will most likely be necessary to redo the Cross Slopes and Transitions steps in iteration, in order to achieve the best results. 
  • Manually Adjust Design 

    • Bending/Lifting work to be done, as necessary, to the smoothed, corrected profile that meets specifications but still doesn't "look right/good"