MAGNET Office: Roads module (part 8 of 8) - Transferring design to survey view

Transferring road design

Click in the alignment window so the Alignment menu appears, and choose the option Transfer > Data Transfer Table.

The Transfer Data to Survey dialog box displays these settings: 

  • Road String
  • Survey String
  • Layer
  • Transfer

The names will come from the template element or node but can be renamed by prefix or suffix. There will be two extra strings: LBAT and RBAT. These are the catch lines from the side slopes.

All strings can be relayered to a new layer or an existing layer in the project.

There is also the option to export a surface from the design or any of the subgrades. 

Visualizing the design in the survey view

Once the data transfer table has been populated to your satisfaction, select Update Survey in the Alignment menu.

All the data requested will now be sent to the survey view.

The data can now be checked either by analyzing the surfaces or visualizing in 3D.

The data is now ready to send to the site for an engineer or a machine.