MAGNET Office: Roads module (part 6 of 8) - Working with side slopes

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Assigning standard side slopes

To assign standard side slopes, navigate to Design > Side Slopes > Side Slopes.

The dialog box will appear. According to the data that is entered, it will project the slope from the hinge point (edge of template) to the original ground (catch point).

Displaying standard side slopes

Navigate to Design > Compute > Compute Design.

As shown in the image, the side slope is set at a fixed grade (in this case 50% or 1:2) to intersect the original ground. The catch slope line will vary according to its height above and below the natural surface and the distance it has to travel to intersect at that grade.

Assigning fixed offset side slopes

Navigate to Design > Side Slopes > Fixed Offset Slopes.

In this instance, the distance is fixed, as opposed to in the previous example where the slope is fixed.

The distance is always set from the center line, and the slope is calculated and projected from the hinge point to intersect the original ground at that distance.

Displaying fixed offset side slopes

Again, navigate to Design > Compute > Compute Design.

As seen in the image, there is a clear difference between the two methods. In this example, the catch lines are a uniform defined distance from the center line with varying slopes, according to the original ground intercept.