MAGNET Office: Roads module (part 3 of 8) - Working with vertical alignments (profiles)

Inserting a vertical alignment (profile)

Click in the profile view to access the profile menu.

IPs can be entered in a number of different ways, based on user preference, according to what information is on the site plan.

On selecting Add IP, a small window will appear (highlighted in red) for elevation and entry and departure grades.

The IP Details dialog box allows a user to enter vertical curve information and the type to be entered, such as parabola.

Editing a vertical profile

When editing a vertical profile, a user can move the profile. This will also modify its properties, such as vertical curve. A gripper (highlighted in green) will appear when an IP is selected to move.

When modifying an IP, the IP Details dialog box appears. The fields highlighted in red are editable.

Advanced profile computations

A user can apply more advanced modifications to the profile by navigating to Profile > Profile.

Users can do the following from this menu:

  • Raise and lower the design between set stations.
  • Smooth vertical curves.
  • Compute vertical curves from relevant surfaces.

The final option within the Profile tab is to produce reports.