MAGNET Office: Roads module (part 1 of 8) - Working with horizontal alignments

Preparing the horizontal alignment

If not imported from a third party, such as XML, the horizontal alignment can be created in different ways.

Navigate to Design > Roads > Create Alignment by IPs > Manual Road Entry.

Or, navigate to Design > Roads > Alignments > H/V Alignment from String.

Extracting cross sections

With an existing or natural surface present, select Design > Cross Section > XS from DTM.



Select an alignment from the list, which will open the dialog box Extract Cross Sections from DTM.

This shows a review of the alignment properties and allows the user to select the natural surface, the interval and offsets for the cross sections, and whether tangent points and breaklines are accounted for.

Click Next.

Add additional changes, if required, in the next dialog box, and click OK.

The cross sections will appear along the alignment, as shown.

Open the roads module by navigating to Design > Roads.