MAGNET Office: Creating Title Blocks

Creating Title Blocks

  • Create a new MAGNET Office Project and set Project Units to Meters
  • Click Finish


  • Title Block has to be created in Millimeters
  • Consider Margins
  • Example: 8 1/2" x 11" sheet equals 215.9 x 279.4 mm
  • 1/2" margin equals 12.7 mm
  • Page size then equals 190.5 x 254 mm
  • Create lines representing the page size and further sub areas for title block information
  • Scale lines to be 1mm = 1 m
  • Start at 0,0 for the lower left corner
  • Add text objects like company information to your title block
  • Go to the Insert tab / Text and draw a Text Box
  • Hit ESC and double click the text box to add information
  • Hit OK


Text in text boxes will be fixed and cannot be changed after inserting the title block

  • Add pictures like a company or project logo to your title block
  • Go to the Insert tab / Feature / Image/PDF and insert a Background Image
  • Browse to the logo path
  • Select and click Open
  • In the Insert Background Image dialog use on of the Position/Scale Image options
  • Hit OK
  • Place image on the title block
  • Add attributes to be populated automatically into the title block
  • Go to the Insert tab / Text / Text Labels and select Keyword from the drop-down list
  • Select a Keyword
  • Hit OK


Keywords visualize the information from the Project Details in Project Settings

  • Place Keyword on title block and hit Enter to accept location
  • Place the next Keyword
  • Go to the Library tab / Create / and click Title Block
  • Make sure the Page Setup matches your desired Paper and Margin settings
  • Hit OK
  • Position the preview sheet on the lower left point of your title block (1)
  • Select the first point of the plot window (2)
  • Select the second point of the plot window (3)
  • Save the title block as a *.xtb file type
  • Hit Save


Default path for a title block: %appdata%\MAGNET\Office\Library