MAGNET Modeler: How to set up a text rule

This article explains how to use the text rule to transform MAGNET Office text objects into 3D text models.

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MAGNET Modeler: How to set up a text rule

The text rule transforms MAGNET Office text objects into 3D text models. 

In MAGNET Modeler, you can use the text rule to highlight:

  • Locations
  • Structures
  • Key project areas
  • Temporary work areas
  • Building site equipment areas

For text model creation, MAGNET Modeler supports:

  • Texts
  • Text boxes

Elevated text objects can be used to create text models right away.

In case of zero elevation, all objects can also be translated to a reference surface.


Text rule parameters

•  Layer 

Click layer to access a list of all available layers in your current MAGNET Office project. Select one or multiple layers from the list where the rule should be applied to.

•  Materials 

Click materials to access the Material Library of MAGNET Modeler. Select an existing material, or insert a new material.

•  Description

Enter a description for the text rule. This will change the name of the rule within the Modeler Rules window. In case you have several text rules, this helps to easily identify them.

•  Group

Click group to choose from a list of existing groups/subgroups, or manually enter your group structure. Use the forward slash character (/) to create additional subgroups, for example, Existing/Office/Parking lot.

•  Font

Specify the font to be used for the virtual text model. This lets you change the font for the model without changing the MAGNET Office font.

•  Thickness

Enter a thickness for the text. MAGNET Modeler will take the text and extrude it. The extrusion depth is controlled by the thickness parameter.

•  Info text

Info text allows you to add additional information, such as material, quality requirements, manufacturer, etc. The info text information will be accessible in MAGNET Explorer via the Object Info tool.

•  Info URL

Info URL allows you to add hyperlinks, such as a link to a manufacturer's homepage or a design document. The info URL link will be accessible in MAGNET Explorer via the Object Info tool.

•  Interpolate

Selecting no uses the text object's elevation for the text model. Selecting yes translates the text object to the surface by using the insertion point of the text entity as the reference point.

•  Position_offset

Position_offset allows a relative X, Y, or Z translation. Enter a Z-value greater than 0 to override the automatic offset. 

If the position_offset Z value is set to 0, MAGNET Modeler applies an automatic offset from the surface depending on the font size. As a rule of thumb: automatic offset [ft.] = ~100 x font size [inch].

•  Rotating

Selecting yes will automatically rotate the object to always face the viewer.

•  Z_rotation

Z_rotation will rotate the text plane. 90, the default value, results in a positive vertical placement. 0 results in a positive horizontal placement (text visible in a top view).