MAGNET Field: Using MAGNET Enterprise

Using MAGNET Enterprise with MAGNET Field

  • Click Connect on home screen.
  • Switch to Enterprise tab.
  • Input login credentials.
  • Click Connect.
  • You may click on Connect to project drop-down which lists all available projects.
  • You may also click + icon highlighted by # 2 to create new project.
  • When you click + icon, it take you to a page where you are required to name new project. Enter the name and click green check mark.
  • Select the newly created project from the drop-down to connect to project and click home icon.
  • Click Exchange.
  • Click Enterprise.
  • You can choose a project from Project dropdown.
  • You can click the button highlighted by # 2 to go up one level in cloud directory.
  • You can click the button highlighted by # 3 to make changes to project directory as shown.
  • To download a project from Enterprise, select/highlight it and then click Download.