MAGNET Field: Lay out a hidden point using Drape Mode

This quick guide will run through the steps on how to lay out hidden design points using the Drape Mode availabe in MAGNET Field.

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MAGNET Field: Lay out a hidden point using Drape Mode


Drape Mode is available in Topcon robotic total stations with reflectorless EDM. To access Drape Mode, ensure that:

  1. There is an established connection between the field controller and the total station:
  2. The total station is set up, using one of the multiple options available in MAGNET Field:

Drape Mode

To stake out the hidden (design) point, complete the following steps:

  1. Click Stake in the Main menu.
  2. Click Points in the Stake menu.
  3. Navigate to  > Setup > Drape Mode.

Design point

  1. Select the desired design point either from the Map or from the List. 
  2. Choose the Drape Mode surface type: Wall, Floor, Ceiling.
  3. Click Stake
  4. The robotic total station will automatically turn to the hidden point direction.
  5. The total station will scan a surface near the hidden point. The scanning procedure will take several seconds.

Stake screen

  1. The Stake screen will open.
  2. For the activated Drape Mode, the Drape Project Distance line will be added to the list of the Select Value dialog box. Check this line to display the value on the Stake screen.
  3. The button with the design point name will appear at the bottom of the Stake screen.

Drilling center

When the scanning procedure is finished, the coordinates of the drilling center and value of the drilling depth are calculated.

  1. To obtain information about point coordinates, click the point button. 
  2. The laser pointer will show the drilling center on the surface.
  3. The Drape Project Distance field displays the value of the depth drilling from the center to the design point.
  4. Measure and save the staked out point.
  5. The Store Point menu will open, where the results are saved.