MAGNET Enterprise: Inviting team members

How to invite a team member to another company account

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MAGNET Enterprise: Inviting team members

Administrator tasks

Sign in as Account Administrator to Topcon Enterprise.

Click on MEMBERS.

All members of the current account are shown in the list.

Click on INVITE NEW.

Fill in the e-mail address of the invitee.

Define the role of the invitee.

Click on INVITE.

Invitee Tasks

Invitee now gets an e-mail to confirm.

Make sure to check the spam folder if not in inbox, and make sure e-mails from are not blocked by any spam filter.

Click on the link to confirm.

Invitee is now a member of the new team.

The Invitee can log in to the site.


Click on the Welcome tab.

Change the organization to the new organization.


Happy surveying!