MAGNET Construct: Connect a Network GNSS receiver

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MAGNET Construct: Connect a Network GNSS receiver

Connect GNSS receiver

From the main menu follow the steps:

  1. Click Configure
  2. In the Configure menu click Survey
  3. Move the slide bar to GNSS receiver
  4. Add a new configuration

New configuration

MAGNET Construct includes default templates for divers GNSS applications. For this example we are creating a new configuration from the scratch:

  1. Create a new configuration
  2. Define the name for the new configuration
  3. Select the GNSS observation type: Network RTK 
  4. Define the corrections to be used: e.g.: VRS

Rover Receiver

After defining GNSS observation type and correction, configure the rover receiver:

  1. In the template menu click Rover Receiver
  2. Select the receiver model: e.g.: Hiper HR 
  3. Define the communication settings:
    • SIM card on the receiver or Internet from the field device
  4. Select the connection type to the receiver;
    • WI-Fi or Bluetooth
  5. Define the antenna settings such as:
    • Model (if using an external antenna connected to the receiver)
    • Antenna height type (Vertical/Slant)
    • Default antenna height
    • Adapter height (0,000m if none)

Note: Depending on OS, MAGNET Construct supports different range of Topcon receivers:

iOS: Hiper HR, Hiper VR, NetG5

Android: GR-5, Hiper HR, Hiper VR, Hiper SR, Hiper V, NetG5

Network settings

Final step is to define the network settings.  From the Template menu:

  1. Click Network settings
  2. From the Protocol select the adequate one for your network (e.g.: NTRIP 2.0/1.0)
  3. Open Servers list (empty by default)
  4. Add a new NTRIP server
  5. Define 
    • Name
    • IP address
    • Port
    • Login details (provided by network administrator)
  6. Apply 

Connect to receiver

Once all settings are defined, is now possible to establish a connection with the GNSS receiver. From the Instrument menu:

  1. Click Connect
  2. MAGNET Construct will scan for BT devices; Select from the list your receiver
  3. Click the green check mark.

Now, you are ready to use your Networks GNSS receiver.