MAGNET Construct: Configuring smart glasses with MAGNET Vision

This article explains how to connect smart glasses to MAGNET Construct.

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MAGNET Construct: Configuring smart glasses with MAGNET Vision

Adding smart glasses configuration to MAGNET Construct's menu

The button to access smart glasses settings in MAGNET Construct (MCT) is hidden by default. To enable it:

  1. Open the main menu of MCT, and tap Configure.
  2. Tap and hold anywhere on the screen until a context menu appears.
  3. Tap Add Item.
  4. Tap Smart Glasses settings in the item list to add it.
  5. To exit, tap on the blank space on the screen.

Enable the smart glasses

  1. Tap Smart Glasses settings to open the menu.
  2. Check Use Smart Glasses. This will add an icon to MCT's top bar and allow you to connect to the glasses.

Setting up the connection

  1. Open the MAGNET Vision app on your smart glasses. 
  2. If you are connecting for the first time (or if you are not using the Connect to Last Glasses option and can't find the glasses in the list of Bluetooth devices), double-tap on the touch panel to enable Bluetooth Discovery.
  3. After Bluetooth Discovery is on, you will see an icon and the Bluetooth name of the glasses on the screen.

Connect smart glasses

  1. In MAGNET Construct, tap the glasses icon in the top bar of the map screen to open up the glasses connection dialog box.
  2. Tap CONNECT, and select the glasses from the list of Bluetooth devices (if Connect to Last Glasses was unchecked).

Note: If you are connecting to the glasses for the first time, you might see the standard Android Bluetooth pairing dialog box on both the phone and the glasses. In this case, proceed with the pairing procedure.

Use smart glasses

After the connection is established, you will see the main screen of MAGNET Vision.