MAGNET Construct: Configure RTK (Base/Rover) using LongLink

MAGNET Construct is ready to drive your Topcon robotic total stations and GNSS receivers. This mobile app delivers precise design layout as well as quick and intuitive options for field measurements.

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MAGNET Construct: Configure RTK (Base/Rover) using LongLink

Configure RTK

In the main menu follow the steps:

  1. Click Configure
  2. Clisk Survey
  3. Access configuration templates

Configuration template

From the Configuration template select:

  1. Add a new configuration
  2. Define the name
  3. Select RTK as type
  4. Start configuring the Base receiver

Base receiver

Define your base receiver settings

  1. Receiver model
  2. Communications settings: LongLink™
  3. RTK Format: RTCM 3.x (e.g.)
  4. Antenna settings such as height, adapter height

From the template menu click

  1. Rover Receiver
  2. Select the receiver model
  3. Define the communication settings: LongLink™
  4. Define antenna settings

Connect to Base

In the instrument menu:

  1. Switch to Connect to base
  2. Click connect
  3. MAGNET Construct will search for Bluetooth devices, from the list select the Base receiver (Receiver serial number)
  4. Accept the selection

Start broadcast

Once connection is established with Base receiver, you need now to start the receiver to broadcast GNSS corrections. Form the map view:

  1. Click on M icon
  2. Click Configure
  3. From the Setup menu click Start Base
  4. Define the coordinates for your base station
    • Measured point
    • Select from Map
    • Select from Points
  5. Configure Rover connection

Connect to Rover

Back on the Instrument menu:

  1. Click connect
  2. Select the GNSS receiver to be used as rover
  3. Accept the selection

LongLink connection

After both Base and Rover are initialized, the LongLink connection must be set up:

  1. LongLink list will automatically show up; Select the Receiver setup as Base station( Receiver serial number)
  2. Click connect
  3. Rover is getting correction from the Base station


All the settings and connections are now configured and setup.

  1. From the Map view access the GNSS status
  2. Check postilion and system overview.