MAGNET Collage: RD-M1 data - Pose scan

After the RD-M1 trajectory has been processed, next is posing the LIDAR scans. This guide shows the steps in posing scans with MAGNET Collage.

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MAGNET Collage: RD-M1 data - Pose scan

Fuse menu

  1. Select the RD-M1 run in the Workspace window.
  2. Navigate to Fuse > Scan.

Pose scans

  1. Set Density to 1 to 1.
  2. Check the box for Maximum range.
  3. Enter the desired value for maximum scan range.


Maximum range

The maximum scan range limits RD-M1 data to the pavement directly behind the collection vehicle. Using the height of the scanner and the desired width, you can calculate the appropriate value using this equation:

Maximum Range = √[(½ Width)² + (Height)²]

Click Start.