MAGNET Collage: RD-M1 data – Move RD-M1 cloud to model project

Once RD-M1 data has been processed into a point cloud, it must be moved into a model project before proceeding. This guide gives the two different ways that the point cloud can be moved in MAGNET Collage.

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MAGNET Collage: RD-M1 data – Move RD-M1 cloud to model project

Two methods

There are two methods for moving the cloud from an RD-M1 run to a model project. Which method you use will depend on how much of the cloud you want to move and if you want to keep the original intensity values or maximize their contrast.

Drag and drop

In the Workspace, click and hold Cloud in the RD-M1 run.

Drag it over New Model.

Release the mouse button to drop it.

Click OK in the notification window.

Leave Precision and Density at their default values:

  • 0.001 m
  • 0.003 ft

Click Start.

Click Close.

Tasks will be added to the queue in MAGNET Collage as the cloud data is copied. Then the point coordinates are transformed from ECEF (Earth Centered Earth Fixed) to the projection set for the model project.

Once completed, the entire point cloud will be copied into the model project with the intensity value modified for the greatest contrast possible.

Select and create new cloud

In the Workspace, uncheck Trajectory and Scanners.

Click Cloud to open its menu.

Use the selection tools to select the cloud points to copy:

  • You can use a combination of tools to select only a portion.
  • Or click All to select the entire point cloud.

Only selection points (shown in shades of purple) will be copied.

In the Workspace, select New Model under the model project.

Navigate to Fuse > Create Cloud.

Tasks will automatically be added to copy the select point cloud to the model project and transform them from ECEF to the projection set for the model project. When the tasks are completed, the ProcessModelCloud window will open.

Click Close.

Do not click Start, as that task has already been completed.

The selected cloud will now appear as New Cloud under the New Model in the Workspace. The intensity coloration is unchanged.